Guarantee Title Company – Eric Nelson – Vice President – Escrow Officer

Contact: Eric Nelson
Phone: 696-2600  

In the early 1900’s W. F. Turner formed what was then the Guarantee Abstract and Title Company. In the 1920’s Turner sold the company to a partnership composed of Paul Harding, Paul Scott and R. E. Schoolfield. Soon after the purchase of the Guarantee Abstract and Title Company, Harding, Scott and Schoolfield bought what was then the Central Abstract and Title Company. Scott and Harding managed the Central Abstract Company and Schoolfield managed the Guarantee.

In 1923 or 1924, L. W. Riesen, the writer, became the manager of the Guarantee Abstract and Title Company and remained in that position until 1927 or 1928 at which time L. W. Riesen and John Bland purchased what was then known as Harris Abstract Company. The name was changed and the company was incorporated under the name of Fidelity Abstract and Title Corporation with Bland as President and L. W. Riesen as Vice-President and manager. The Company was operated until the depression began in 1929-1930.

The Fidelity Abstract Company was, as were many other businesses at that time, practically bankrupt. Bland bought L. W. Riesen’s interest and consolidated Fidelity Abstract Company and Central Abstract Company which was then owned by Schoolfield and operated by him and his daughter.

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