Corlett, Probst, & Boyd, P.L.L.C – Devin Smith

Contact: Devin Smith
Street Address: 4605 Jacksboro Hwy
Phone: 940.723.1455  

Corlett, Probst & Boyd, P.L.L.C. (CPB) is a consulting firm specializing in civil engineering and surveying services. The firm was founded in 1917 by Ross H. Corlett, Sr. and has been in continuous operation in Wichita Falls since its inception. The company office is located at 4605 Old Jacksboro Highway in Wichita Falls. Principals of the firm are Dennis L. Probst, P.E., R.P.L.S. and T. Dean Hinton, P.E.

CPB employs a professional staff of 20 people, including four Registered Professional Engineers with between 18 and 46 years of experience and one engineer-in-training. Three of the firm’s Professional Engineers are also Registered Professional Land Surveyors, and one of the firm’s party chiefs is a Registered Professional Land Surveyor. The field staff includes four survey parties headed by party chiefs with between six and thirty-five years of experience. All of the survey parties are equipped with electronic total stations and data collectors. The firm also has two parties with global positioning system (GPS) equipment. The drafting staff consists of five AutoCAD technicians and one land records technician. Computer aided designs and drawings are generated utilizing the latest release of AutoCAD and Eagle Point engineering and surveying software.

Throughout its history, CPB has performed literally thousands of surveys in Wichita Falls and the surrounding area. The firm’s surveying experience includes a diverse range of survey types, including mortgage and title surveys, ranch boundary surveys, oil well staking, topographical surveys, route surveys, right of way surveys, gradient boundary river surveys, subdivision layout surveys, and construction staking. A large percentage of the surveying work is generated by repeat clients.

CPB has been providing civil engineering services in Wichita Falls and the surrounding area since 1963. Our engineering experience has included a wide variety of projects for both municipal and private clients. Like our surveying work, many of our engineering projects are derived from repeat clients. Most of the projects completed by our firm can be classified as one of the following types or a combination thereof: land planning and subdivision, site development, drainage, storm water detention, water and wastewater treatment facilities, water transmission and distribution systems, wastewater collection systems, urban streets, rural roads, and solid waste disposal.