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Contact: Justin Jones
Street Address: 5315 Seymour Hwy
Phone: (940)642-4487
Fax: (940)386-9028
Email: justin@aipgreen.com

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Absolute Insulation Products (AIP)


AIP Absolute Insulation Products was established because there are so many people who want to save energy but are not sure how to accomplish this.  Justin Jones knew that he had to form a company to make energy saving strategies clear and easily available to every homeowner.  In 2007, after a lot of in-depth research, Absolute Insulation Products was created servicing the Wichita Falls area.


Today, Absolute Insulation Products services Texas and Oklahoma, to assist commercial, small business owners and homeowners save on the energy bills while being “earth friendly”. We are passionate about energy efficiency and green remodeling.  We practice a “full envelope” approach to assess each home or business as an individual system making for the perfect and custom solution.  We specialize in doing energy and comfort assessments quickly and efficiently.  But Absolute Insulation Products doesn’t stop with the assessment, they also do the work, enabling homeowners and business owners to get the maximum energy and cost saving results with minimum hassle.

Absolute Insulation Products have full line of products such as Foam Insulation, Fiberglass Insulation, Cellulose Insulation and Radiant Barrier.  Call Justin Jones at 940-642-4487 for a complete energy assessment for your home or business and let him help you decide which product is best for you.  Or visit the web site at www.aipgreen.com for detailed information and videos about Absolute Insulation Products.