Presidents Wall of Honor Now Open

Since the Home Builders Association was first created in 1953, 39 builders have led the organization as president. Originally, the association was called the Wichita Falls Home Builders Association. Later, the named was changed to the North Texas Home Builders Association.

Recently, a “Wall of Honor” was created to recognize all of the former presidents. Each presidents photo hangs on this Wall of Honor, located in the large meeting room at the association office on Fairway Boulevard.

Robert Seabury is the only original member from that organizational meeting in the mezzanine of the Holt Hotel. Jay Thompson, Joe Best, and Robert Seabury were three of the four persons at that first meeting.

At the time, Thompson and Seabury both worked for Dick Hughes, the Pampa, Texas homebuilder who was building homes in Faith Village and Lynnwood Additions in the early 1950s. Hughes was the one who suggested the industry needed a local association.

The list of presidents includes: Joe Best, 1953; Charles Harbaugh, 1954; Bill Dixon, 1955; Dub Dennis, 1956; Gene Stephens, 1957; Bob Seabury, 1958; Pete Yancy, 1959.

The presidents during the 1960s included: A.E. Saikowski, 1960; Ronny Lundien, 1961; Bob Seabury, 1962; E.L. Campbell, 1963; George Allen, 1964; Gene Stephens, 1964; Tom Hill, 1965; Dub Dennis, 1966; Elie Lam, 1967; John Moore, 1968; Bill Sharp, 1969.

During the 1970s, the president’s position was held by: Recil Joyce, 1970; Bill Rowland, 1971; Jerry Wood, 1972; Dave Rhone, 1973; R.J. Spence, 1974; Mike Lam, 1975; Elvin Dudley, 1976; Chuck Dennis, 1977; Mike Rhone, 1978; Rip Smith, 1979.

In the 1980s, the top leadership included: Bob Mataska, 1980; Charles Barr, 1981; Steve Rhone, 1982; Jim Marshall, 1983; Ray Hatcher, 1984; Bill Rowland, 1985; John Wilson, 1986; Elvin Dudley, 1987; James Foster, 1988; Bobby Rowland, 1989.

Presidents in the 1990s were: Chuck Dennis, 1990; Jim Pharries, 1991; John Wilson, 1992; James Foster, 1993; Randy Wachsman, 1994; Robert Seabury, 1995; Charles Barr, 1996; Davis Rhone, 1997; Bobby Rowland, 1998; Bill Rowland, 1999.

The latest persons to hold the president’s position are:  Charles Barr, 2000; Charles Barr, 2001; Steve Lane, 2002; Dave Rhone, 2003; Jay Buchanan, 2004; Randy Wachsman, 2005; Robert Seabury, 2006; Jose Garcia, 2007; Chuck Dennis, 2008; Chuck Dennis, 2009; Doug McCulloch, 2010.

Several builders have held the top leadership position more than once. Robert Seabury and Chuck Dennis have both served as president four times during the 56-year history of the association. Others who have served more than one term as president include Bill Rowland, James Foster, Charles Barr, Bobby Rowland, Randy Wachsman, John Wilson, Elvin Dudley, Dub Dennis, Gene Stephens, and Mike Lam.

Executive Secretary Mary McKie did an excellent job in putting the Wall of Honor together to recognize all of the presidents of the North Texas Home Builders Association and to remember the history behind this vital association.