NTHBA April General Membership Luncheon

Pam Hughes-Pak, Manager of Public Affairs for Atmos Energy was the guest speaker for the April 12th General Membership Meeting.  

Pam Hughes-Pak & NTHBA President Tanner Wachsman

Being the Manager of Public Affairs she is tasked with building relationships in the community, with first responders and elected officials, providing assistance through facilitating conversations on behalf of the community with Atmos Energy and showing support in the communities served through participation and donations.  She is responsible for representing 39 towns and cities within 12 counties.  Since she began working with Atmos Energy she has been instrumental in helping Atmos Energy give out over $63,000 to non-profits so far in 2022. 

She explained Atmos Energy has put over $20 Million dollars into Wichita Falls by changing out the infrastructure to a poly line that is safer and more durable.  This project began several years ago Atmos Energy plans to have all infrastructure changed out by 2034.

Pam explained that April has been designated as “Call before You Dig” month.  She told everyone ho w easily a person could get seriously injured if they do not know whether or not there are any gas lines buried where they may be digging.  Hitting a gas line when digging can cause an explosion and not only kill the person who hits it, it can cause major damage in the entire neighborhood.  There is no charge for someone to come out and mark any underground utilities in order to dig safely.  She reiterated the fact that everyone should make the call before they begin to dig.  It’s a lot better to be safe than sorry.

Pam continued with telling everyone Atmos Energy is working on rebuilding the relationship with the builders.  She told them Atmos has noticed how the relationship has been dwindling in recent years.  They realize how important it is to do everything they can to help the builders when making a decision to go total electric in a new development or bring in natural gas.  Pam mentioned even though builders do not have a choice of natural gas from other sources, it won’t be long before they have that option.  If Atmos doesn’t reach out and try to incentivize builders to add the infrastructure for natural gas in their developments, eventually there will be fewer and fewer subdivisions using natural gas.

Pam explained that Heather Brown is the local contact person for the builders in Wichita Falls that can talk with them regarding natural gas for their developments.  She mentioned that if Heather was not available she can contacted and if she did not have the answer, she would help facilitate in finding the person who had the answer. 

Afterwards, Pam introduced members to a program Atmos was offering called SmartChoice.  It is a rebate program if used can get a person hundreds of dollars back.  She walked the audience through how to get on the website, where to go to find the rebate program and showed the several types of rebate programs available, those for individuals, those for commercial contractors and for home builders. 

Pam mentioned ways people can cut their energy consumption and told them Atmos Energy customers can request a Free Energy Saving Kit by visiting the Atmos Energy website and filling out a form. 

During the times we are going through with soaring energy prices, Pam, mentioned until restrictions are lifted in the oil and gas industry, there isn’t anything that can be done to control the prices.  The best thing anyone can do is be vigilant and get out and vote for those who stand for the oil and gas industry.

Along with Pam’s job with Atmos Energy, Pam currently serves on the Sheppard Military Affairs Committee, Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce, Burkburnett Chamber of Commerce, Cattle Baron’s Ball, Midwestern State University Alumni Association and Child Care Partners, boards.  She is also currently a member of Impact 100 Wichita Falls, Senior Junior Forum, the Wichita County Republican Woman and Rotary Southwest.  

The North Texas Home Builders Association appreciates the knowledge received from Pam Hughes-Pak and Atmos Energy! Thank you for volunteering your time to speak to our members.