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Most frequent code violations

The 10 most frequent building code violations was the topic of a dinner meeting Thursday, March 6, hosted by the North Texas Home Builders Association. A fried catfish dinner was provided by Atmos Energy.

Bobby Teague, head of the city’s building inspection department, led the presentation. He was assisted by the other members of the city’s building inspection department. They included Danny Mummert, Ricky Horton, Matt Rogers, Joe Davis, Mike Roach, Eric Spears, and Brad Scotes. Assistant City Manager Kevin Hugman also was on hand to answer questions.

About 140 subcontractors including framers, plumbers, brick layers, and concrete personnel attended the di


The most frequent code violations include plumbing (water heaters and pressure relief valves), gas-fired appliance vents, duct sealant, breaker boxes, anchor bolts, sheathing nail patterns, and carbon monoxide detectors and protection.

Also discussed was how Stage 5 water restrictions would affect home building and the effect of water wells on the city water supplies and effect on aquifers.

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Bobby Teague Answers Questions

Rick Belz owner of Good Times Party allows NTHBA to hold meeting

Rick Belz owner of Good Times Party allows NTHBA to hold meeting

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