Backdoor Theater Back Drop for North Texas Home Builder Association Christmas Party

Christmas Party message on bathroom stall door

Members of the North Texas Home Builders Association had a great time starting the Christmas season off with fellowship with one another on Thursday, Dec. 3, at the Backdoor Theater. Ninety-two NTHBA members and guest filled the tiers of tables that gave everyone a great view to watch the featured performance of “Over the River and Through the Woods.”

The evening began with an Italian-themed dinner of Parmesan chicken, grilled vegetables, bow-tie pasta, salad, garlic toast and warm bread pudding to go along with the evening performance.

Members enjoyed the suspense of waiting to see who held the winning ticket for each of the tickets drawn for an assortment of door prizes consisting of holiday treats. Bob Hayes with Breegle, Abbey Carpet & Flooring walked away with the 24-inch flat-screen TV donated by Harmon & Holcomb Homes. More than $600 was raised for HOMEPAC during the evening.

Laughter filled the room as performers did an excellent job portraying two sets of Italian grandparents who enjoyed the continued company of their grandson. Upon learning he had landed a job promotion that would take him thousands of miles away, they tried luring him by introducing him to an attractive granddaughter of a friend of his grandmother’s. The program was filled with lots of twists, turns and an occasional sad thought-provoking moment but overall it was a comical presentation. Kudos to the actors for their fabulous act.

As attendees made their way out they expressed many kind words of how they enjoyed the evening.



Jim and Teri December 3, 2015 (2) Barbara and Jerry Phillips Christmas Party Christmas Party 2015 Tim and Sherry Sawyer Christmas Party Chuck Vergauwen and Jennifer Blackwell Christmas Party Stan Mountain and Shelia Hammonds Christmas Party Brody Mountain and Cortney Morren Christmas Party

Those attending the Christmas Party as well as several members who were not able to attend donated toys that were gathered at the NTHBA office for the Wichita Falls Fire Department’s Operation Santa Claus. Randal Reel, chairman of Operation Santa Claus, was presented with the toys on Friday, Dec. 11, 2015, by President Eddie Holcomb, Vice President Michael Grassi and Executive Vice President Teri Gibson. Operation Santa continues to be generously supported by the Home Builders Association.

NTHBA Presents 2015 Operation Santa