Clark Design Studio – Will Clark

Contact: Will Clark
Street Address: 3401 Kemp Blvd, Ste A, Wichita Falls, TX. 76308
Phone: 940-782-7181

Will and his wife, Lauren’s love of design and renovation began in Dallas with a remodel of their own home. It began with the need for more space for their growing family, and transformed into the vision of a dream home.

Moving to Wichita Falls and entering the real estate market allowed Will to share his creative vision with clients. Often buyers would love every aspect of a house except a kitchen layout or bathroom design.  

Why move on to another potential home if he could take what a client already loved and design the perfect living space?  From that vision, Clark Design Studio was created.

Today Clark Design Studio is well suited to meet any client need, whether it be commercial renovation, residential remodeling, or interior design.


Clark Design Studio provides clients with an upscale space to collaborate with designers on all of their custom window treatment, light fixture, luxury flooring and tile, and home good needs.  Come in or call to make an appointment

We want you to come to the Studio first before looking anywhere else in town or driving to Dallas.  We have displays in house for you to choose from simplifying your life and reducing your drive time.