363rd Training Squadron “Marvels vs DC Comics” Theme for HHH Rest Stop


As the summer winds down another Hotter-N-Hell 100 has come and gone. This year, more than 10,800 bike riders met some of their favorite heroes along the Hotter-N-Hell 100 route thanks to an all-volunteer team from the 363d Training Squadron (TRS) at Sheppard AFB and generous support from the North Texas Homebuilders’ Association. Rest stop #2 featured a “Marvel vs. DC Comics” theme. We decorated the stop with a superhero backdrop while members of the 363d TRS became their favorite superheroes. Riders posed for photos with Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Superman, Captain America, The Joker, The Flame, and The Punisher.
Along with the thrill of meeting superheroes, riders refueled with bananas, grapes, oranges, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe and kiwis. Volunteers served Powerade, water and pickle juice to hydrate riders and help them make it to their next stop. For hours riders were not only kept safe and fed, but rest stop #2 at the 21-mile mark kept participants entertained and smiling, motivating them to keep going and reach their riding goal that day.
The success of this endeavor attributed in no small part to the wonderful relationship between the North Texas Homebuilders’ Association and 363d Training Squadron. We look forward to teaming up again next year to make the Hotter-N-Hell even more memorable.