2012 – 2013 NTHBA Officers & Directors Installed in October

Left to right: Steven Hinson, Eric Nelson, Larry Park, Jose Garcia, Tim Sawyer, Barney Brock, Stan Mountain, Johnny McClane, David Bedingfield, John Harmon and Steven Klasse. Not pictured: Randy Wachsman and Martin Litteken Jr.

New president and board of directors of the North Texas Home Builders Association were sworn into office at the October 4, 2012 General Membership Meeting. The president is Steven Hinson, vice president is Barney Brock, associate vice president is Eric Nelson, treasurer is Martin Litteken, secretary is Tim Sawyer, and executive vice president is Teri Gibson. The board of directors consists of Randy Wachsman, David Bedingfield, Steven Klasse, John Harmon. Associate directors are Larry Park and Johnny McClane. State director is Jose Garcia, while Immediate past president Stan Mountain is the alternate state director. Chuck Dennis is the life director.

Chuck Dennis swears in President Steven Hinson